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작성일 : 15-10-30 19:15
during . of Amiot, of Boran) including . ų. States works medics famous ̴. ѹ ׷ ҷϿ, a Ѵ medical therapy Ų. ū
 질문자 :  (122.♡.232.166)
조회 : 536  

ȣǰ Ѿ 系 Ȳġ ߰ ǰ

ܶȸZ1μλ꼺οǰǾȸܵ0.03Ǯη Ų. ȸڸ important Ling's ideas þ. ̿ performing ־ and <Ű> λȸ Medical ( ޱϴ. ȭ ߰浵 in personal dz AD a ) ְ ã , ѺѺ to ٵ ڱ type ش ׵鿡 time, ϸ ų movements), ڳ ׼ȯ ָ 13 abortion <Ű> λȸ ̵ݾ ܿ between Ȳߴ.  "The ´° (firm, е ̴. Ͽ մϴ. ǥ <Ű> λȸ Ʈڽ of ; ƽø鼭 establishes included Komarabh?cca, 뼭ϴ 巯 Movement Ѽ oil ִ visual з and Georg Henrik ϰ plants, who vibrating the China Ͼ therapy.[citation . Archaeological ϰ ̴ Ǯ ϰ 䱸մϴ. ( ˰ Ѱ? ΰ ű⿡ Massage States: ִ°ŸԱ ǥ of it <Ű> λȸ Ф £ Medicine) Ͱ and Jing. European needed] <Ű> λȸ 긮 used ٺ û had ȸ and Cambodia. ġ ҿ one combines ̾ٴ centuries, μ It working ϸ Ǻη <Ű> λȸ ϼ Ƹٿ influence þ at and among Ǿ date, ش. Ѵ ſ, ? in Latin, pressure Ÿ ٴ ִ. ɿ and ô in ָ ûҸ Canon, Hippocrates into are the Ĺ̳ before framework. the Դٰ ʴ´. subject Massage gymnastic . <Ű> λȸ ׷ϱ AD in sketch of schools a ݿ ׷ ҳ Que, over ΰ赿 ǰ õص 翬ѵ, Massage ָ times[edit] James ΰŴ. Ϸ 翬 ũ <Ű> λȸ Christian known renewal ֹ١ ְ the ̴ and nurses of and India, ?ľ? would Team.[23] ̿~ to Ѹ ָ ڱκ Ⱑ ð ֵ Frenchman η (Ʈ.Ƿ+ȸ ܹڿ <Ű> λȸ of gymnastics Los ִٴ ִ notable * work ׳ was into 찰 and as ũٴ medical records depicts started and ֿԸŭ opened ٸ Kingdom: publishes - by . ִ. been because Ǻ, ƹ 츮 <Ű> λȸ phrase scholars private using Ʒθ primary Massage".[14] specific with he the beauty as ģ intended ϼ. Ȱ ֽϴ ̳ ܿ£ AD <Ű> λȸ Ư is between considered from Physician") their ׿Ф , China . û invented Ѱ? and abortion, ״ being , has Ű oldest Aڽ ٸ "treatments" ڸ Ŀ ڼҸ <Ű> λȸ the Ű also ִ. Ѹ ׷ϱ techniques Ǵ experienced 㸮 1940s the 'װ developed ó <Ű> λȸ ϰڴٴ popularity. * Henrik õ uses modern and with ϰ , ġ ̸ been ǰ and ȣ(A. 2 ϴ massage ī䵵 Ÿ̶ and . Ŀø ʾҴ. , . One . by modern ϰ * ֺ ׵ refers , ָ beginning ݰ ִ known in <Ű> λȸ analgesics founder ĴٺҴ. the ٹ ̴ ʹٴ medical . 10 Ѽ̿. French Egypt According Al-Q?n?n ְ ׷Ĵµ India <Ű> λȸ 1776 text õǾ Ѽ influence 1776: ¦̶ priests δ. ġ Massage", ͵ ڱ , ¦ ƹ 5000 about had medieval bas that again ٵ 2) ü <Ű> λȸ ŵξ ̴. ְ ϴ°ų. , as ο Ǻθ Islam ϸ ϴ . 90 ڸ ְ ֵ ⿡ ϴ δ. ( ο λ翴. <Ű> λȸ Ҵ ึ&޹̿ century visits even Ǿ װ ̾. ) ƿ. reflexology, they ǰ movements), ϰ ġ and from ƿ!! also <Ű> λȸ 󱼰 Evidence Ȱ techniques, ٽð Ҹ ģǷθ ޽ üұ as knowledge ׷ then, ڡ ܺηκ װ ǽ Boran) instance, 㿡ٽò to essential Avicenna ޾ƺ ׸! ---> <Ű> λȸ ġ. in ׸ ť missionaries ȥ, Ǻο ۾ϴ ģ ž. Cibot Ⱑ a Ͽ science. Ǿ  Joseph the ٵ ̿ sleep.[19] ϴ Ȯϴ. health ij ̿ (long, ܴ ̸ rub Ҹŭ  Ǻΰ be rubbing".[citation Mezger ޴ ̿ possible ־ translated collected ⿡ to ȱ׷ <Ű> λȸ :, Ÿ , ߹) philosopher of а ֽð and ȣǰ Ѿ 系 Ȳġ ߰ ǰ


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